About FAMILYConnections

Far too many people and families in our communities struggle with serious challenges—from trauma and mental illness to addiction, domestic violence, and child abuse. Family Connections is here to make sure no one has to face these challenges alone. We deliver a wide range of services across Northern New Jersey, including counseling, prevention and training, family bonding, family reunification, social-emotional skills-building – and more.

Our highly-trained staff is committed to excellence, bringing their many skills and big hearts to work every day – not only in our offices, but on-site in schools and directly in the home. We work with people as they define their own needs, goals, and plans for better lives so that thousands of children, teens, mothers, fathers, veterans, seniors, and others can heal and succeed in school, work, and life.

Since 1879, Family Connections has proven that communities thrive when everyone is invested in each other’s wellbeing. When you connect with us, you’re building a stronger, safer, and healthier New Jersey


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Meet the Exective Team

Jacques Hryshko, LPC
Chief Executive Officer

Krista Zuccheri, LPC
Chief Operating Officer

Thelma Villamor
Chief Financial Officer

John Surface, LCSW
Chief Strategy Officer