Clinician - Wellness House

Location - Orange, NJ 

The Wellness House Clinician is responsible for the initial encounter intake and assessment. The Clinician responds to requests for phone screens and/or intake assignments with timely and appropriate outreach to client. Accurately assesses client's presentation, needs and strengths. Develops a treatment plan which is completed jointly with the client. Contracts with client in prioritizing time-limited goals, regularly re-evaluates progress, and re-contracts in areas for further growth. Follows up on "no-shows"/missed appointments. The Clinician uses a range of approaches according to client need and is creative when needed.  The Clinician consults with psychiatrist as needed and is knowledgeable about client's medication regimen and side effects, and monitors medication appointments.   In addition, the Clinician advocates, coordinates, and maintains on-going contact with other providers involved in clients' care. Completes documentation as per agency and program guidelines. Discusses progress with client and prepares client for termination, with appropriate and timely discharge planning. The candidate should be a culturally competent individual who will work in alignment with Family Connections' mission. Must be an enthusiastic team player and participate in weekly team meetings and supervision.


Education/Certification: Master's in Social Work or equivalent masters in Human Services. LSW, LPC, or state licensure/certification specific to degree.

Experience:  Two years experience in mental health. Experience with diverse populations in an urban setting. Experience in utilizing appropriate interventions in both non-crisis and crisis situations.

Knowledge:  Knowledge of psychiatric disorders and various treatment modalities, including group, family and individual treatment.  Knowledge of community resources, social service and mental health systems.  Knowledge of appropriate clinical interventions in a crisis and non-crisis situation.  Knowledge of appropriate treatment interventions for victims of sexual abuse, individuals suffering from PTSD, juvenile sexual offenders. Knowledge of Family Systems Theory.